The Best Benefits for Well-being and Health: Breaking the Secret of Supreme Shilajit


Shilajit is a sticky material that is mostly present in Himalayan rocks. It slowly forms over centuries as a result of plant degradation.

A common ingredient in Ayurvedic medicine is shilajit. It’s a safe and efficient supplement that can improve your general health and well-being.

8 potential benefits of Supreme Shilajit

Alzheimer's Disease Prevention

Increase Testosterone Levels in Men

Addressing Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Shilajit's Gradual Aging Benefits

You shouldn’t take shilajit if you have active heart disease.

Shilajit's Potential to Reduce Altitude Sickness

Iron Deficiency Anemia Management

Shilajit for Male Infertility

Shilajit Supplementation for Heart Health

List of minerals present in Supreme Shilajit

A complex natural substance, shilajit contains many different minerals and trace elements that are vital to human health. A summary of some of the important minerals in Shilajit is provided below:

Fulvic Acid
Acid Humic
Potassium Manganese Copper
Phosphorus sodium

Nickel Cobalt

Types According to Geography

There are various varieties of Shilajit in Pakistan, mainly grouped according to their place of origin. The primary categories are as follows:

Himalayan Shilajit

Source: This kind, which may be found in the Himalayan mountain region, is regarded as one of the strongest and purest varieties of Shilajit.
Features: Usually, it has a high fulvic acid and mineral concentration.

Altai Shilajit

Source: Comes from the Altai Mountains, which are located in Kazakhstan, China, Mongolia, and Russia.
Features: Distinguished by its abundant mineral content and marginally distinct composition concerning Himalayan Shilajit.

Aftabi salajeet

Aftabi salajeet is a liquid that is extracted from the mountains and found in Gilgit-Baltistan and Chitral. Numerous health benefits of this fluid have been reported by ancient medical practitioners. Impotence, physical weakness, and bone frailty are a few of these.

What is Shilajit price in Pakistan

The cost of pure Himalayan Shilajit resin varies based on source and purity, it ranges from PKR 2500 to 5500

Can one take Shilajit daily without risk?

While shilajit is a natural and harmless herb, it may contain toxins when consumed fresh or uncooked. When making a purchase, it’s crucial to make sure the sources are trustworthy and pure. Because the Food and Drug Administration doesn’t keep an eye on shilajit quality, do your homework.

Does shilajit expire?

Shilajit’s stable minerals and chemicals mean that, with proper storage, it can last for several years. Its best potency and safety are indicated by its expiration date.

How to use Shilajit?

The ideal way to take Shilajit, which comes in powder, resin, and solid form, is as a powder dissolved in liquid. One-eighth to half a teaspoon per day is the safe daily dosage range, which is 250–1,000 mg. Before utilizing natural supplements, speak with a physician.


The quality and availability of salajeet in Pakistan may vary depending on its source, preparation methods, and marketing. It’s crucial to choose a reliable seller to ensure that the product is authentic and effective. When purchasing salajeet, consider factors such as its origin, processing techniques, and reputation of the seller. This ensures you get a genuine product that meets your health needs and preferences. Additionally, researching the salajeet price in pakistan can help you make an informed decision based on your budget and the value you place on the product’s quality.

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