What Is Shilajit?

what is shilajit

Brief History, Nutritional Value, And Health Benefits Of Shilajit

Shalajit: What Is It?

Shilajit's Origin:

According to legend, Himalayan people are credited with making Shilajit famous when they saw white monkeys licking a black material off rocks. The monkeys displayed great power, intelligence, vigor, and clarity. 

Incredulously, the villagers started ingesting the drug, and their well-being, vitality, memory, and digestion immediately improved. Once word got out, Shilajit was born throughout the village. 

Shilajit's Brief History

    1. It has been utilized for thousands of years to make shilajit, also called mineral pitch. According to practitioners of traditional Chinese medicine, one of the most effective jing tonics is shilajit. 

    2. The physical nature of our bodies is attributed to jing, a substance that is kept in the kidneys and is said to be responsible. 

    3. The term “rasyana,” used to characterize compounds thought to have potent rejuvenating effects, is applied to shilajit in the ancient Ayurvedic literature (Charaka Samhita).

    4. In his writings, Aristotle, the Greek philosopher, described how to make shilajit, or momiyo, using grape juice, honey, and milk. 

    5. Shilajit was used as a “secret weapon” by emperors and strongmen like Alexander the Great to boost their energy, stamina, and focus.

    6. The USSR National Sports Committee received a sizable grant in the 1980s to investigate moomiyo and its potential for aiding athletes in preparing for the 1988 Moscow Olympic Games.

    7. These days, shilajit is making waves in the medical community. Even the National Bureau of Cosmonauts advises astronauts to take shilajit during and after lengthy space missions to boost their immune systems and hasten their recuperation periods.

The Nutritional Value Of Shilajit

    1. Shilajit has abundant vitamins, sterols, triterpenes, and up to 85 essential trace minerals in their ionic state. It has high concentrations of: 
    2. iron,
    3. zinc,
    4. manganese,
    5. pyrones,
    6. terpenoids,
    7. B-complex,

Shilajit's Health Benefits

Energizing: Boosts mitochondrial respiration to provide more energy and endurance

Mental Vigilance: An organic way to improve brain sharpness and efficiency

Memory Booster: can enhance focus and memory

Anti-Inflammatory: possesses the capacity to lower bodily inflammation

Antimicrobial: Studies indicate that shilajit may be able to combat streptococci and other bacterial illnesses.

Anti-Stress: this could aid in lowering tension and anxiety.

Preventing Aging: can prevent damage from free radicals and encourage healthy cell regeneration.

Antioxidants: elevated rating on the ORAC scale

Promote Detoxification: can aid in hastening the body’s elimination of toxins.

Better Sexual Functions: It is recommended by Ayurvedic physicians to address decreased libido.

Cure for Hangovers: might lessen and prevent the effects of hangovers

Mood equilibrium: encourages emotional balance and stability

Nutritional Uptake: increases the body’s Uptake of nutrients.

Safe: Natural, pure shilajit resin has no known adverse effects.

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